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Welcome Can-Am riders

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Welcome Can-Am riders! is open for business. Our goal is to be the best Can-Am resource on the Web by providing an online community for owners of Can-Am products.

Members and more members make sites like Can-AmTalk a great resource. Please help us get off to a fast start by spreading the word to all your Can-Am friends.

Thanks and Welcome to Can-AmTalk!


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The word will be spreading starting on Tuesday for sure, good luck with the site guy's all the best.
Lone wolf
ok, now i REALLY need to get a atv
Yea man, you don't know what your missing, I have sled trails right beside our house, but 9 months out of the year I can't get on them ( NO SNOW ) and those same 9 months I am on my atv's having a blast. so yea go get a RENEGADE and hang on.
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I like the site ! I think the movement of talk on this site is getting faster! I do post allot when I have something to say or can help someone just like folks can help me. I like a site that gives an Takes ! I hope to see more an more post.

Posting an talkin up stuff will help the C/A an when voloume kicks in maybe prices will drop
who knows!!Can-Am is going to take more an more of the market share of ATV purchases. % saw where Honda had 30% an BRP only had 1% or less years ago, an recently Honda around 22% an Can AM up to 5% soon to pass Artic Cat an Kawasaki . I think they will not sit still till they pass Honda or Yamaha in the ATV Market. I am going to move up to a 650 or so in 08 probably!

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Ok, so we are REAL Can Am riders now.

So does this mean we can post for real now?

Maybe, maybe not... We still have those pesky sport quads and dirt bikes! :rolleyes:
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