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We have a SPYDER!!!!

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Yesterday my wife's boss gave her the keys to one of the demo bikes! Pretty neat in person! People were almost causing car accidents just to see it! Even a cop did a U turn just to stop her to look at it! He loved it, he has a ZX7.

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That's great stuff...and welcome to the site 87
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those are great pics!
where are you located?
Ive never seen a demo with the 6-spoke wheels and caliper trim kit on it!
And a high touring windshield!
Thanks for the pics!! For those of us who are unable to see and/or take a test ride we appreciate it very much. I was a little surprised at the size. Seems to be more "substantial" than I thought however, I mean that in a positive way!
Thanks fellas...

I actually feel that it is 'smaller' than it looks. Harmony absolutely loves riding it.

I flogged it good and it's very stable. I did a couple hard U turns and it never lifted a wheel.

It has awesome ABS brakes!

It goes along pretty nice.

Harmony works at the dealer here in Toronto, wanna buy one, call her!! LOL!!

I feel that she is much safer riding this than her motorcycle!

On other sites guys have compared it to a Trex. It is in no way the same thing. It's a sit on trike type thing, whereas a Trex is sit 'IN'!!

As you can see from the pics next to my bus of a bike, ZX14. It's really not that big of a vehicle.

I would love to get one for Harmony.

The storage compartment is awesome.
This is gonna be a great touring bike.

The seat is wide and comfy. The passenger would enjoy their ride.

Even my Father has expressed interest. Again, great for touring!!
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While the T-Rex is pretty a pretty cool 3 wheeled CAR... they also cost $50K !

They also don't have the stability traction controls like the Spyder.

So cops can pull people over just because they are curious about their ride???

While kind of cool... this could kind of piss me off.....
i got pulled over once while Spyder-ing. Curious cop. Nice enough fella.
To remove my worries, the cops that pulled your Spyder demos over were only curious and not citing any vehicle regulation violations? Has anyone experienced their Spyder demos pulled off the California roads by police?
Is that the caliper trim behind the rims? Is that the stock shield or touring shield?
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