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I went down to pick up my outty at the dealer today and low an behold there was a bunch of spyders there to ride.Went out for about a half hour or so.

I used to ride bike's in the early 90's but havent owned one since.Had a GSX-R 750.(and a few others)

The guy from BRP gave me the run down on the machine and then off we went.Right off the bat I felt that it needed a hand brake.No big deal.Got out on the road and got a feel for the machine ,waved t across my lane a dozen times to get the feel of the steering and throttle responce.I let the group pull ahead about a mile so buddy from brp wouldnt hear me let this thing have it.Wow,that big twin can pull and pull hard.

The top end of first gear just about at the red line and about to grab 2nd i was just under 120kph.Rode it hard right thru the gears and this thing didnt miss a beat.No wandering or nothing.The machine does not like to be lugged.Cornering was nice and smooth,even had it go into rev limit as i tried to take a corner to fast and it must of senced wheel lift.

Even laid rubber across an intersection in the town we went thru.1st and 2nd gear it laid rubber.hehe

Congrats on who ever is gettin one as imo they are sweeet.If i ever get back in the saddle i will deff. be lookin at a spyder.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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