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Well, this is a big day Spyder fans. After years of lobbying, BRP has finally added a SpyderTalk Edition Spyder to their line-up - the 2013 Spyder ST. Okay, can be argued that the ST stands for Sport Touring and not SpyderTalk, but it is still big news!

Back in 2008 when the first Spyder RS (called GS originally) was introduced, it was touted as a Sport Touring model. The original RS did fit the common Sport Touring geometry for open road riders, but in reality it was more Sport than it was Toruing for the previously unidentified Spyder Ryder. Most of the early chatter on in 2008 was from Spyder RS owners that were "relaxing" the fit and feel of their early Spyders. They wanted the sporty riding experience, but with more flexibility and comfort for their seating position and ergonomics. Feet forward and hands back were common modifications to the early GS.

BRP has answered the call for the blend of comfort and sportiness with the brand new 2013 Can-Am Spyder ST roadster lineup.

2013 Spyder ST


The new Spyder ST is at home on a quick ride to the grocery store as well as a spirited ride on your favorite country road. With available accessories like saddle bags, adjustable windshields, an audio package and a Can-Am trailer (the Spyder ST is ready for a color-matched Can-Am RT-622 trailer with the optional install kit), week-long adventures will rival the comfort and convenience of the Spyder RT - at least for solo tourers. A new footrest position allows the driver to stretch his or her legs on long rides. Compared to the Spyder RS, the footpegs are five inches forward which also gives the knee a more open position for added touring comfort. The handlebar position is relaxed compared the Spyder RS thanks to being pulled back four inches and it is also 3.3 inches higher. The seat is designed for sport-touring performance riders with firmer foam padding and a new shape that allows enough rider movement for aggressive riding and carving corners. The base Spyder ST will be offered in Pure Magnesium Metallic and all ST models will be powered by the familiar 998cc V-Twin pumps out 100 hp at 7,500 rpm and 80lb.-ft. of torque at 5,000 rpm (new for 2013 is electronic throttle control).


The Spyder ST model line-up will also include an ST-S option. The Spyder ST-S includes all the standard features of the Spyder ST and adds several enhancements and color options for an even sportier look along with added touring performance. The front fenders feature LED lighting for increased visibility and a design that aids in aerodynamic performance. A cool Carbon Black finish is added to several parts including the front wheels, handlebars, footrest, rear sprocket, exhaust and shock springs. The upper A-arms and front spoiler covers are painted to differentiate the look from the base ST. Electronic cruise control is standard and driver footboards will come standard on SE5 models. Color options include Pure Magnesium Metallic as well as the new Circuit Yellow Metallic.


Rounding out the 2013 ST line-up is the Spyder ST Limited. The ST Limited is the sport-touring roadster for the person who wants the best of everything. It takes the standard features found on the Spyder ST-S and adds several luxury and touring features. Up front, chrome 12-spoke wheels combine with chrome accents on the exhaust tip and heat shield for some Limited bling. An AM/FM audio system with iPod integration cable, weather band and optional satellite radio system is standard. For easy navigation, a Garmin Zumo 660 GPS with Bluetooth wireless technology is preinstalled. An added 68 liters of storage comes standard with removable rigid saddlebags (lockable and color-matched) on the Limited model which brings total storage to 112 liters. Thermal grips keep hands warm and you will have a standard 12-volt power outlet available. Lastly, you will find a Limited embroidered seat and a front cargo liner are also standard on this model. The ST Limited will be available in Pearl White and Blackcurrant.


2013 Spyder RT


Based on the percentage of Spyder RTs that we have attend our SpyderTalk rides and rallies, we would say that BRP has a winner on its hands with the Spyder RT. For 2013, BRP has added a host of new features across the lineup. At the heart of the changes is a new chassis that delivers even more comfort and performance for the touring enthusiast. The new chassis features revised front-end geometry that when combined with a revamped front suspension calibration, improves overall cornering and handling for the RT. In addition, every Spyder RT model now comes standard with AM/FM stereo and rear passenger controls and an updated heat shield for more driver and passenger comfort. All models also have larger 15 inch front wheels and lower-profile front tires. New this year is a full Brembo braking system with larger calipers and larger brake discs and a next-generation BOSCH ABS. The new brakes and ABS combine to give the Spyder RT an improvement of 10 percent on its braking distance.

The 2013 Can-Am Spyder RT roadster is available in three packages (standard Spyder RT, Spyder RT-S and Spyder RT Limited). The standard Spyder RT is base model and each package adds another level of technology and an enhanced level of sophistication (translation - more goodies). These goodies include items like: footboards, new fender design, push- button controls, adjustable rear air suspension, GPS navigation, LED lighting, exclusive colors, exclusive wheels and color options.

There are select changes depending on package, like a footboard option for select Spyder RT-S and all Spyder Limited models. New Carbon Black colored accent and chrome parts are available, as is the revised front fender design on select packages as well. Feature comforts include Dynamic Power Steering (DPS™), electronic cruise control, 41 gallons (155 L) of onboard storage, passenger friendly ergos, adjustable electric windshield, wind deflectors, heated grips, and a high-end saddle with integrated lumbar supports. The liquid-cooled 998cc Rotax V-Twin engine has the necessary torque and performance for this segment with 80 lb.-ft. of torque at just 5,000 rpm, even with a passenger and a pull-behind trailer. The optional trailer from BRP, the RT-622, offers an additional 164 gallons (622 L) of storage again for 2013 and is a common add-on by the RT buyer. A traditional 5-speed gearbox with foot shift and manual clutch (SM5) comes standard on the standard Spyder RT roadster and includes reverse. A semi-automatic, five-speed (including reverse) electronic transmission (SE5) requires no clutching or manual shifts and is available on all the other Spyder RT roadster variations. Shifting is done via the left thumb and left forefinger.

The 2012 RT-S features electronically adjustable rear air-control suspension and is available in four color schemes, including a new Circuit Yellow Metallic along with Quantum Blue Metallic, Viper Red and Pure Magnesium Metallic.


The 2013 Spyder RT Limited starts with a Spyder RT-S platform and adds an integrated GPS system, driver footboards, two exclusive colors, four travel bags, chrome accents and a specially embroidered seat. The RT Limited is the cream of the crop and stands alone at the top of the open road touring segment. Colors will included the new Blackcurrant with black seat, Pearl White with new Dark chocolate seat color, Lava Bronze Metallic with new Antler Brown seat and Lava Bronze Metallic with black seat.


2013 Spyder RS


So where does all this great news about the 2013 Spyder ST leave the venerable Spyder RS?

For the 2013 model year, BRP says it has re-imagined the Spyder RS roadster. We imagine what they mean is that the new Spyder ST has basically become the replacement for the market segment originally intended for the RS, so they had better create a new market for this soon-to-be six year old model. The market they are shooting for is the "sport" market, but the reality is the RS is likely going to serve as the "entry-level" Spyder model. Although the RS looks somewhat dated compared to its Spyder stablemates, it should be priced such that it will be appealing to first time Spyder buyers and bring people into BRP showrooms. When and if BRP truly gets serious about a "Sport" model, they will have to pull the governor off their robust Rotax powerplants and anti up some additional ponies.

Until then, we are happy to see a completely revised front-end geometry and suspension calibration for a ride that will be more comfortable but still deliver a sporty flavor of riding. Riding position is slightly altered with a handlebar position one inch higher than previous Spyder RS models. In front of the rider, the handlebar controls on the left side have been updated and we also will see a new throttle-by-wire system. A new exhaust silencer also will be heard on the Spyder RS. BRP went to Brembo brake calipers on all three wheels, with larger (+.25mm) four-piston calipers up front, mated with larger (+20mm) discs. Combine this with an next-generation BOSCH ABS system, the Spyder RS roadster sees its braking distance improved by 10 percent. Larger 15-inch front wheels, lower-profile front tires and redesigned front fenders will be seen on all Spyder RS models. The base RS will come in Pure Magnesium Metallic.


The Spyder RS-S takes performance and styling to the next level for the RS line-up. Featuring all the updates the Spyder RS got for 2013, the "S" package also offers updated twin-blade-spoke front wheels, contrast stitched seat, two-tone paint job, painted front spoiler and A-arm covers, and exclusive graphics. The RS-S is available with either the SM5 or SE5 transmissions with reverse and come with gas-charged, anodized-aluminum FOX Racing Shox front shocks that are adjustable for preload and have improved compression and rebound damping. The FOX shocks, which provide a 33% weight reduction per shock compared to the stock Spyder RS shocks, also utilize carbon-black-colored springs. Color options for the 2013 RS-S will be Neutron Green Metallic / Satin Black, Alloy Orange Metallic / Satin Black, and Pure Magnesium Metallic / Steel Black Metallic.

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