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Why...or should we say "Y" we ride our Spyders is no surprise to any of us...but riding a Spyder is not just transportation it's a lifestyle...or better yet a LyfeStyle....which is why we've created the SpyderLyfe at

What's it all about....

We want to hear about your SpyderLyfe...Y you ryde a Spyder, where you go with it, what you've done to it, what it looks like, what your dream Spyder would look like, and Y everybody should give the Spyder a try.

So, here's what we want you to do...

For the next seven months, we want to hear from you. We have a different subject for each month and we want you to submit a post in our SpyderLyfe forums for that subject. Here's your chance to be an author...a photographer...a sales person....a test ryder...and evangelyst. But we're not looking for you to share your story and expect nothing in return. Each month we are giving away a great prize to one lucky person that contributed to that month's subject. At the conclusion of the contest we will be drawing a grand prize winner from all those that participated. The more months you participate the greater your chance of winning the grand prize.

Want to hear about the prizes?

Our site sponsors have pooled together a great set of prizes for our SpyderLyfe program. We have over $2000 in prizes including...

BRP $600 Gift Certificate from BRP, Set of 6-Spoke Phantom wheels and three $25 Gift Certificates from Rob's Performance Motorsports, Ladies Can-Am Caliber jacket from Bibben's Sales and Service, ISCI $250 Gift Certificate, shirt and hat from ISCI, Spyder Travel Cover from Ingles Performance, Mirror extension kit from Kewlmetal, Upgraded Electrical Relay kit from Evoluzione, and cool stuff from

What's next?

Go to and check out all the details and start sharing your stories. The first month is all about Customyzing your Spyder... So grab your camera, your pile of receipts so you can remember all that you've done, and start writing.

Riding Spyders is not just a's a LyfeStyle... Live it, Love it, Share it....
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