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The manual states on page 108 - 109. 24 Month warranty but also states:

for Spyder roadsters sold to residents of the United States, FIVE (5) YEARS or
THIRTY THOUSAND (30 000) KILOMETERS (18,641 MILES), whichever
occurs first, on the emission related components included in the chart below.
Air/fuel ratio feedback and control system
Cold start enrichment system
Controlled hot air intake system
Intake manifold
Heat riser valve and assembly
Ignition coil and/or control module
Ignition wires
Vapor storage canister
Vapor-liquid separator
Fuel tank and filler cap
PVC valve
Oil filler cap
Catalytic converter and constricted fuel filler neck
Thermal reactor
Exhaust manifold
Hoses, clams, fittings, tubing, sealing gaskets or devices, and mounting hardware
Vacuum, temperature, and time sensitive valves and switches
Electronic controls

Better than I expected.

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