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Spyder ride-Green Bay WI area

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Friday I took a Spyder for two short spins,around 10 miles each.

Had to wait around for around 3 hours because of customs trouble at the border,etc. But finally the semi arrived with two,one of each color.

First,we had one helluva time finding the parking brake engage/release mechanism. It was cleverly hidden behind the left drivers footpeg. Press on/engage. Press again/release.

Since I had been waiting the longest/driven the longest distance,they let me take one of the first rides. The first thing I noticed was,HEY,NO NEED TO BALANCE THIS THING! I reluctantly kept my feet on the pegs while waiting for it to tip. Fear streaked up my backbone for a second before my brain analyzed the new situation and said"Its cool." It wasn't easy,NOT putting a foot down.

The first ride I had my wife with me,so I had to hold down the antics a bit.

The clutch and shifting was smooth up and down.Acceleration was intense. The last motorcycle I had driven that had any sort of performance at all was my old 83 Venture.The Spyder,of course,topped this and then some. I wound the machine up in three gears not quite to redline and had to make sure to maintain a healthy grip on the handle bars. It accelerated as straight as an arrow. No torque pulling to one side or another. I had noticed that with the Venture,which was a shaft drive.

So far,so good. Till it comes to cornering. Heres where one must exercise caution. The correct combo of speed/acceleration is a must. The very first corner I negotiated I had to go way wide,almost on the dirt shoulder.It was a fearful moment when I failed to realize that this thing doesn't lean and must be steered. Reefing on the bars and reaching for a nonexistent front brake lever followed by a right foot stomp prevented us from ending up in the tag elders.

The steering was very sensitive. I zigzagged back and forth a bit on the second ride(alone) and the trike responded well. Avoiding dead raccoons and darting dogs should not pose any problems. The brakes were excellent,tho I m with the crowd who wants a front brake lever back on the handlebar.

I totally enjoyed the ride. It will defiantly take some riding experience before feeling totally comfortable. Its whole new highway riding experience. One that I hope to enjoy.

Now the wait REALLY begins..

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Your teasing
Just one question, do you find your butt hurts after riding it awhile? Do you think the seat would be comfortable on a long trip? I find my a$$ hurts when I'm riding for about 2 hours on my motorcycle
great pictures!!! and report. will they offer additional touring options such as heated seats/grips,moveable windshield????
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