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Spyder MPG???

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Anyone ask or hear about what the MPG on these is?

I'm thinking lower than most road bikes due to the fast takeoffs we'll all be doing!
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My first thought is, "With a 7 gallon tank, does it really matter???"
During my demo ride, one of the reps said,"Between 25 and 42 mpg depending on how hard you ride it."
I have been hearing 25-30 MPG, but I have a habit of using a generous amount of throttle so it could be closer to 25! Still better mileage than my truck.
ive put on about 300 miles on the demos from my dealer, and ive seen 40mpg. But i also noticed the emissions sticker under the seat that says it's exempt from emissions since its a prototype, so who knows what'll happen when we get the "emissions-compliant" versions..... Especially in New York!
when i called the spyder # i was told it would be arond 30 mpg so i quess that means 25 to 35 ????
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