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Spyder Chat Nights - Sunday at 9pm Eastern

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Looks like 9pm Eastern may be a good time to try. Let's shoot for this Sunday to kick things off and I'm sure we will gain momentum each week. Spread the word to your Spyder friends to join us this Sunday in the Chat Room.

I would suggest you try getting into the Chat Room (just Click on Live Chat at top of screen) before Sunday to make sure you are all set.

If you have any problems getting in, Click here for a Trouble Shooting Guide and Click here for a Users Guide. You can also post any questions in here and we can help.

Thanks and looking forward to chatting on Sunday!

PS. If you think you will participate, chime in here so we have an idea of how many might be there

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I m not much of a chatter-er,but I ll pop in for a bit.
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I know we have a lot of guests reading the Spyder forum. Feel free to register (it's painless
) and join our chat sessions on Sunday nights.

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I'll be there!


Will do my best to be there too!!
Reminder for those interested
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Reminder for Spyder Chat this Sunday at 9pm can do the math for your timezone
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last minute reminder....almost 10 folks chatting already. Jump in if interested.
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