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I have confirmed with BRP that they have a service manual for the Spyder and it will be available at Can-Am Dealers. I assume it will be available when the Spyders come in.

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I have been trying to get hold of a SERVICE MANUAL for some time now.

I have contacted 2 of the florida dealerships in the last 2 days and they do not have them.
Service manual is a good thing but wonder what BRP would do for warranty if something goes wrong? First of all the Valves are bucket over shims which means removing the Cams to get at them and having the shims to replace if needed. I know that this is not a regular thing because most engines once broken in with this system do not need adjustments but still need to be checked. I for one don't like this type of adjustment as I have done Kawasaki's and Suzuki's in the past. I don't like someone who might have had a bad night taking my engine apart. That is why I want a Shop Manual. The other option is to get into the shop and watch but don't think that would be allowed unless the Machanic gets a big tip !!! I know I wouldn't want someone looking over my shoulder. I always feel better after the warranty period. Just waiting for Delivery !!!

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How much did the service manuals cost? How long did the order take to deliver?
I could not find from my dealer that there was a real shop manual yet.
They have been kind enough to give me all the information that they have
been given.

What they have is pretty close but labeled as an update. And it can be ordered.
What I ordered was called Roadster Technical update part number -- 219 -- 600 -- 022
it cost somewhere around $36 I have yet to receive it.

Also for those of you who have not had to brake test done yet make sure your dealer
prints you out a B.U.D.S.(BRP utility and Diagnostic Software) service report.
It gives you a wealth of information on software versions, codes, serial numbers
graphs on engine rpm what you have done to this point. It's five pages of information
just on the machine and gives you test results on the braking test they do.

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