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Below is my email to "Try Spyder" website and the response from Marc Lacroix. It is obvious that we are just not going to get any specific info from BRP. I am now resigned to this fact and I give up. I will continue to let them sit on my $1,000 (no interest, no information .. but .. alas, I do have a coat and a sheet of paper!) and I will keep my mouth shut and be happy when they finally do decide to make and deliver my Spyder. I've never had an experience like this and really don't quite know how to handle it!!

I remember in 2003 (??) when Yamaha made everyone put up a $500 deposit on the new FJR. They were supposed to get it early Spring. I think it was around Sept before the first deliveries were made. Only last year did they drop that pre-order program!! Several dealers took deposits on the new Concours 14 late last year. First release date was to be in Feb; then April. As you know, they were just delivered last month (or, late August!!) The future FJR owners and the Concours owners also were left hanging without any definite information. It took almost eight months to even get a complete list of specifications on the Concours!! So, I guess what we are dealing with with BRP is not so totally unusual - especially when you consider the "Paradigm shift" as one magazine put it that this radical new roadster represents!!

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Greetings Mr. Phillips and thank you for your interest in the Can-Am Spyder roadster

The first production of a limited quantity of Spyder roadsters began in mid-September and these first units are scheduled for delivery in October. Units from this first production will be shipped to authorized Can-Am Spyder dealers in North America according to their allocation. A second and much larger production of Spyder roadsters is scheduled for early 2008. Once again, these will be shipped to authorized Can-Am Spyder dealers according to their allocation.

Unfortunately, we never disclose production rate or volume. Also, we do not share allocation figures between BRP and its dealer network.

Your authorized Can-Am Spyder dealer will be able to inform you in which allocation your order has been placed and he/she will be able to provide you with an approximate delivery timeframe. Please note that delivery schedules are subject to change. For a list of authorized Can-Am Spyder dealers, visit

Best Regards,


De : Sam Phillips [mailto: ]
Envoyé : 5 octobre 2007 19:12
À : Denault, Johanne
Objet : "Try Spyder" Website

Latest news posted was:

Sept 14th: First SPYDER rolls off the assembly line - UPDATE?

Sept 17: Question and Answer session on Can-Am Talk forum with Marc Lacroix ... this was great but now it's "old news" - UPDATES?

Sept 19th: Owners Manual .... Thank you very much.

Can we not get UPDATES? How is production going? How many units have actually shipped. Number of Spyders producing in a week? State-by-state allocation? Pictures of actually production models showing some detail changes?

The "Natives" are getting restless waiting for their SPYDERS and any news from BRP is welcome.

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premoting vapor ware again I see they were..... I would LOVE to know WHAT BANK ACCOUNT ALL OUR DEPOSITS ARE SITTING IN COLLECTING INTEREST!!!!!!!! BRP is sitting on thousands in interest from the deposits sent in by the dealers.
It was used to pay for the extra wheel and tire
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