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Hello All,

After lurking for some time I'm now a member and proud first time Spyder owner! I recently purchased a used 2012 Spyder RT-S with the semi-auto trans. The guy I bought it from hadn't changed the oil in it for over a year so before riding it home I changed the oil and both filters in his driveway. Afterwards I made the 150 mile ride back home with zero issues. Seemed to ride and shift nicely and I'm very please for the purchase price I bought it for.

I know it needs new tires and I also bought a new air filter that I still need to install. The curious thing is this RT comes with an a second set of wheels and even a second rear sprocket. The curious part is the wheels on the RT are 14" and the second set are 15" wheels so I'm not sure which size wheels I should mount the new tires on as the operators manual makes it sound like it could use either 14 or 15 inch wheels.

Any suggestions on which wheel size would be recommended? Any other tune-up suggestions for a 10 year old RT? Thank you in advance for any other advice you can provide as I'm looking to get it back up to par with any outstanding maintenance procedures. Aftermarket recommendations are also welcomed!



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