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Hello All,

First post here with an unusual problem. I left the key on my 2012 RT-S SE-5 for 4+ hours before I finally noticed and turned off. The battery did not die. The next day, I turned the key on and booted all normal. Hit the starter button, the engine turned over once, weakly, not enough to start, then the computer browned out and rebooted. I attempted to start again with the same result. Engine turns over once, weakly, not enough to start, the system browns out and reboots back to the normal LCD start screen.
Ok, fine, so the battery is weak and Can Am clearly imposes a relay or solenoid that opens automatically if the battery falls below some voltage threshold.
Pull out the charger, connect as necessary, put the charger on Start mode, bam... Can Am fires right up. Go out for a ride and all is normal except the air suspension is dead. Sitting at the bottom with zero psi. The LCD screen initially shows the normal adjustment range and you can move the setting up and down. But the compressor never runs and the normal "sounds" you hear when the air suspension does work are absent. After a couple of minutes, the LCD changes to the dreaded Orange MANUAL screen.

Reviewing many other posts the topic of malfunctioning air suspension does not show anything that relates to my condition. The ACS bolt is installed. I tried all the other ideas including taking the key out and moving away from the machine a long distance for 40+ minutes. Nothing works. The fuses are good. I cannot find the relay to check that it was not damaged by the jump. If someone can show/tell me where the compressor relay is, I can check it.

Anyone have any clue why a jump start would wipe out the Air Suspension? Worked normally before jump, does not work after the jump. Clearly a strong indicator. I did read some posts about the calibration of the ACS becoming corrupt. I suppose the brown-out power condition of a weak battery could cause this, but I would hope Can Am was smart enough to design the system to survive a weak battery without degrading the machine!

Oh, one last note, NO, i did not reverse polarity during the jump start...

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