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Whether it be a father, brother, uncle, grandfather, great-grandfather, or a friend's father, I thought it would be neat to share your favorite memory of your childhood that relates to the most predominant male figure in yor life. After all, it's Father's Day sunday, and while everyone may not have known their father, everyone has someone they have viewed as a father.

Here's mine:

My last year of little league baseball I was the All-Star catcher, but for some reason had a tough season batting. I didn't have a hit all season, and was pretty down about it. In the top of the last inning, I was at bat, a sure strikeout, but on the second pitch I hit the ball. It cleared the outfield and was a home-run. My only hit all season was a home run that put us up 1-0 in the game. In the bottom of the ninth, with two outs already up, the batter for the other team whacks a grounder toward second base. The runner who is on third head for home plate. I pull my mask off, and hope the second baseman throws to me. The throw makes it in time, and I make the tag at the plate to cut off the lead runner and end the game with a win. I came off the field, and right in front of me, me father hugged me in front of the whole team and the parents. I felt great.

It's the one time I remember playing sports and being told I did a good job. So I cherish the memory.

What's yours?

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