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Great news for Ontario ATV'rs

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A first , Ontario is seriuos about ATV'ers and want them to come, one trail pass for thousands of miles of trails

Wolf ;)


Press Release -

The Board of ATVOntario Tourism Initiatives Inc. (ATVOntario) announced today that it will offer a common trail pass that will permit ATV Riders an opportunity to ride thousands of kilometres of its trail systems for one price.

"ATVers have consistently asked us to develop a One Pass system that consolidated the passes of the best trails in Ontario." said Andrew Ryeland, President of ATVOntario. "We listened to our patrons and I'm pleased to announce that we will indeed be offering a One Pass solution this spring. We expect this initiative will create a tremendous surge of interest in our sport and attract 'ATV tourists' from across the province and beyond."

ATVOntario leads the ATV trails initiative by offering a pass system that will go a long way to consolidating trail riding opportunities and associated community products.

ATVOntario is also in serious discussions with other ATV organizations and Trail interests to broaden the scope of the trail offerings in the spirit of its Shared Use principles.

ATVOntario is intent on reaching agreements with other organizations that will allow for incremental investment in trail systems throughout Ontario.

The new pass is planned to be on sale in April 2007 through the website. Pricing has not yet been finalized but it is expected to be very attractive to ATVers and substantially less than similar passes offering multi-trail system access in Ontario.

ATVOntario Regional pass systems will remain available to users that only wish to ride local trail systems.

Where Can I Ride?

ATVOntario offers an answer to the over 250,000 ATVers in Ontario and ten times that number in the bordering US states. Increasingly outdoor enthusiasts are turning to the thrill of discovery aboard an All Terrain Vehicle.

More and more tourism destinations are being developed to accommodate their unique and varied interests. ATVOntario offers adventurers a consolidated, destination based source of information on where to ride, where to eat, where to stay, where to be entertained, where to mingle and many more 'where's. To tour our 'wherehouse' visit

ATVOntario is a not-for-profit alliance established as a public/private initiative with the communities of Elliot Lake, Mattawa, Eastern Ontario Trail Alliance (Tweed), Georgian Bay (Parry Sound) , Cochrane and the Haliburton ATV Association. The alliance is enacting a community-based model for Shared-Use Trail tourism throughout the province of Ontario.
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If a person buys one of these permits in Ontario,can it be used to ride on OFATV trails?
If a person buys one of these permits in Ontario,can it be used to ride on OFATV trails?
Who is that ?


I would have to say NO, but what do I know,

Thay are two differant groups, period.
Here ( but you probably know this ) for places to ride, I have rode in most of them and they are great., I also know from her say the OFATV has some great trails also, so the debate continues, but at least there is a huge step in the right direction with one of the major players here in Ontario.

Wolf ;)
I can't understand why we(ontario)can't have 1 pass, period.For all of ontario.I'am not for one or the other,just would like it made simple for the rider.It sucks when a person plans a ride and ya have to figure out what all trail passes are needed for the ride.
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Good reading and thanks for some clarification

Wolf ;)

Perhaps I can clarify this a bit. The ATVOntario one pass system has been passed by the ATVOntario Board. This means you can buy your local node pass - HATVA, Mattawa etc separatly or you can buy the one pass system when it becomes available in practice. The one pass system will allow you to ride all ATV Ontario nodes on one pass (there is still one community deciding which will get sorted out soon). HATVA fully supports a one pass system and has been instrumental working with ATVOntario to make it happen.

Why? Because everyone has been asking for it. Effectively we want to reciprocate with everyone. The one pass cost is not firm just yet but in any event you will be able to top up your HATVA pass if you want one pass province wide for about $20 in HATVA's case. When one pass is available we encourage you to buy that pass or top up if you want to ride in the other areas besides HATVA.

Why? Because it makes sense. It will allow other communities, areas and clubs to flourish from an atv perspective. The $ from one pass will be divided equally among the nodes regardless of the # of kilometers or members in an area. It will help the areas further north with fewer riders and resources get in the game and also benefit the local economies. 85% of one pass $ will find it's way back to local trails - guaranteed. It opens up a bigger market for everybody and gives a stronger voice to atving and it will draw new atvers into the fold. It ties directly into the meetings with MTO & MOH and that unfolding situation. At some point the Ont Govt will introduce a registration system for atv's like the snowmobiles - sooner than later. We want to insure that doesn't translate into an expensive combined pass and we want to insure that the $ from registration comes back to non profit ATV Organizations and the $ ends up on the trails- period.

Other non atv organizations want that money as well and while they may have a role somewhere atving should be run by grass routes atvers, not government, not snowmobilers and certainly not tree hugger organizations. The money comes out of our pockets, then the money should go back into trails for atvers and not everybody and their brother dipping in and having it disappear into a black hole somewhere.

While AtvOntario has announced the one pass system we are hopeful that something can be worked out with OFATV as well because in the end, disagreements or not, we all carry the same atv DNA in our blood. We have to start doing what is right for ALL atvers if we want to survive long term in this province and this is one step forward in that direction. We also have to learn to share equally and fairly even if initially the step is two brands, but one pass that works everywhere - and I think we collectively now know how to do that, at least I hope we can.

Anyways life goes on and at HATVA we are anxious to implement one pass but don't let that hold you back from picking up your HATVA pass for $120 less the $20 in gas coupon...and when one pass is available top up.

Some may ask why HATVA would give market share up to one pass? It's really quite simple. Only 20% of HATVA revenue comes from membership. We raise the rest through a variety of methods. HATVA puts already puts $50k a year back into the trails. We have 1700+km of trails. Whether folks realize it not we are the big player on the block from both a real estate and club membership perspective. We got there with hard work, shrewd strategy and marketing. We got there because we're riders and not just administrators. And most of all we got there because were giving atvers what they want - maximum riding opportunities at the lowest possible cost. So we can afford to be charitable to a point and help and work with other organizations that share our principals. And we will and there will be some big announcements coming from HATVA that will further benefit all atvers in Ontario. But we're also NOT interested in going out alone. We want to be part of a bigger atv family that includes all ATVOntario nodes and hope at some point OFATV too! This is because there is a storm brewing on the horizon with atv land use in Ontario and we need to prepare for it. We have to be bigger, stronger collective atv organizations that have the support of all atvers and other allies. No one club or association can fight this battle alone. We need to marshall all of our collective resources to stay healthy and so that we do not end up on small reserves that are atv parks - so that we can roam far and wide and enjoy the wilderness.

So now you have choices - you can get the quarter pounder with cheese HATVA pass for effectively $100 or you will be able to buy the big meal one pass deal for a small extra amount. Either way your helping the right cause. I hope I answered your questions - sorry for being long winded - I type fast.

Can someone who has the time please cross post this on other forums?
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