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For Sale: 2005 Suzuki King Quad 700 with EFI.
Quad has 856 miles and 111 hours.

Here is the story behind this Quad.

I purchased this quad when it first came out. I'm the original owner, this Atv has had the one update that came out for it 6 months after I had it. The tie rods were replaced due to a recall by Suzuki. This has never had one problem and has never been to the dealer for any service other then the one recall. I have changed the oil twice a year and I run Semi-Synthetic 5W30. Two different dealers told me to only run Semi Synthetic and not Full Synthetic, I don't know the reason for this so this, but this is why I only run Semi Synthetic.

Last Fall my father was using this Atv during deer season and it was rolled onto its left side on a side hill. This did damage some parts on the Quad. The rear rack took the brunt of the damage. The rear rack is bent on the left rear corner. It is obvious in the pictures. When the Atv was rolled it also put two very small cracks in the plastic where the rack mounts to on the back. The roll also put a small dent in the side of the front radiator. THe radiator has never leaked and has not reduced the function so it was never fixed. You would not see the damage to the radiator unless you were to looking closely between the wheel and fender. Also where the shifter is the red fender doesn't fit quite perfect. You can also see this by the up close picture.

Both front and rear racks were removed and were coated with a heavy truck undercoating. I did this for 2 reasons one the racks were beat up due to the stuff that gets put on them around the house and secondly because this made the racks much more slide resistant. When I first bought this quad I put on 700 miles of trail riding the first year. Since then it has only been used around the house for odd jobs. Within the last couple months it has been out of the garage twice.

There are also some minor scuffs here and there from normal use. There is also two scuffs on the front that are from my pickup truck when the Quad is in the bed. The picture of the front left headlight also has a couple marks. These are from the tooth marks from my dads dog. For some reason the dog goes nuts when the Atv is started.

I have taken a ton of photos from every angle. I will post some but I have many more that I can email you. Due to the damage I am negotiable on the price. Besides the cosmetic damage I guarantee you this runs and drives like the day I took it off the show room floor. I have never had a winch installed and also never had a plow installed. Again I'm going to Haydays in Forrest Lake on Sat Sept 8th. I can deliver to Haydays if some one is interested.

Again I'm asked $4,500 OBO
You can email me at [email protected] or call me at 715-292-2133.


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