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Found another 3 wheeled vehicle - T-REX

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Has anyone ever heard of T-Rex?

Looks interesting. It is a 2 seater. Don't know pricing but looks like they are already shipping throughout the US.
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I've seen those...pretty cool

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WOW. These are expensive machines. Here is one on ebay:
I' ve been looking at the T-Rex since 98'. At that time it was $15k but when I had the money to get one, it was at $40k now its running $50k. Maybe the Spyder would have the same growth in price.
Here's a website of a place that is selling these with the 2007 models starting at $49,999.00. I like the Spyder better anyways, regardless of price.
I had been contemplating the T-Rex for a few years now. That's actually how I found the Spyder; while looking for a T-Rex to buy. Lucky me I stumbled upon it before taking the plunge. :) go here if you want to see a few different type's of 3 wheeler's. also show's sketch of the future H-D that is supposed to lean

t-rex lots of $$$$$$$$$
The T-Rex, does carry a hefty price tag, close to 50K if I'm not mistaken. Don't care for having to remove the steering wheel in order to get in & out of it.
It is wicked fast, with 165HP on tap... 0-60 comes in at around 3.5 seconds. Can't imagine what the insurance would be, scary.
Sorry but my 2005 Corvette Convertible cost me 55K and you can't compare to that go-cart.
Hopefully the photo attached. There was one in Washington DC when I did a Spyder event. The are sit down like a car and the owner of it nad his wife liked the Spyder better.
Seen one today @ Power Sport in Woodbridge , VA. Its nice but that price stops me cold.
Would that "Coleman" Power Sports?
That's where I placed my deposit, many moons ago.
That thing is worth 25K maybe close to 30K but not 55K. Maybe because of limited production is the reason for the high retail.
Would that "Coleman" Power Sports?
That's where I placed my deposit, many moons ago.
Yes was there in May. First Spyder Ride
I rode down to Coleman for my first ride also, in May I think. I also had a much longer ride in MA in June. Much more exciting ride.

I placed my deposit just after that second ride, with Buck's in Akron (nr Buffalo) NY, the closest dealer to me here in Pittsburgh. About 240 miles away, not very convenient.

Stuart ........waiting.
I saw a T-Rex at a dealership a few months ago. I didn't sit in it but I can tell you that it looked really cramped inside with a go cart like interior. Blah! But the exterior looks really cool. Although I think the exterior of the Spyder quality wise looks far superior. The T-Rex exterior quality didn't look all that great.

It makes you appreciate how good the Spyder is priced!
Would that "Coleman" Power Sports?
That's where I placed my deposit, many moons ago.
Ya that was Coleman. I ordered mine in May from there.
I've seen those...pretty cool

Does anyone else think the green T-rex looks like a frog?
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Yes it does! The $50k FROG!
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