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Any interest in class action suit vs Sprint/Nextel?

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OK so here's the story. Around 2000, 2001 I canceled my Sprint account and went to Nextel because the customer service at Sprint was horrible. A while later, I added a phone for my wife, she previously had Verizon. My wife's friends all use text messaging. For over a year, I was in contact with Nextel because her text messaging was not working. They tried everything they could to get it to work, even had us bring it down to a service center where they blamed the problem on the phone. They gave us a new phone, and still it didn't work. In the beginning it would work rarely, and then it just would not work at all. Only with messages to me.

My wife canceled her phone and went back to Verizon. They have been charging me for an early termination fee, which I don't believe I should have to pay because we gave them over a year to fix this problem. They were not providing the services paid for!!

Ever since Nextel merged with Sprint, their customer service is terrible. I have spent hours on the phone with them trying to fix the problem with the text messaging, and about 2 hours trying to get somebody to take this charge off my account. I'm ready to start a class action suit against them, as I'm sure I'm not the only one who has canceled service because it was poor or non-existent.
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