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We are very happy to announce that Marc Lacroix, Product and Public Relations Manager for Spyder at BRP, will be joining us this Sunday for our Spyder Chat night at 9pm ET.

We have provided Marc with a list of topics that we would like to discuss. We are not certain that we will get through all topics, but we will try. We can post Marc's answers in the SpyderWeb forum after the chat for those that can't participate on Sunday night. Marc will be available for 30-45 minutes.

Topics that we will try to cover:

1. General delivery date information (Note: specific delivery information for your Spyder will not be available)
2. Production model changes compared to prototype
3. Accessory plans for the future
4. Tires for the Spyder
5. Insurance for the Spyder
6. Extended warranty options
7. Special Spyder Owners events being planned?
8. Financing options

I hope everyone appreciates Marc's willingness to chat with us on Sunday. Please be respectful and patient during the chat...remember there will be many of us wanting to ask questions and only Marc to answer. There will be some questions that Marc will not be able to answer...please understand that going in. I will do my best to "moderate" the chat and I will try to post a new question from the topics above when discussion is slowing on the prior topic. Members are also welcome to ask questions and add comments, but please use good judgement regarding when and how you post your question/comment.

Please pass the word on to all your Spyder friends at your dealers and other sites. This is a unique opportunity to hear first hand information that you won't get anywhere else! Special thanks to member NEXUS for helping to coordinate this event and a big Thank You to BRP for their willingness to share information with a very anxious group of Spyder owners.
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