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A Question About Snow and the Can-Am Spyder

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I have spoken to two members of this board while researching a story for my site, and now I need the help of the rest of you. It seems that at least one person at the Spyder Hotline has been giving out different information to different callers. This person reportedly told one member here that Spyder deliveries might be delayed to cold weather climates. I take such claims with a grain of salt, being third-hand information, so I called and spoke with the same representative, and, while not denying it, was told in so many words that everything I have heard is only a rumor.

I was prepared to leave it at that when another forum member contacted me and stated that he too had been in contact with the same representative, who, out of the blue, asked how much snow the customer received in the region. Now my curiousity was peaked.

I called today and spoke with a different rep, who claimed no knowledge of any snow related issues and balked at the question. I was directed up the food chain to head of BRP PR, and back down to the Spyder's head of PR, who is on vacation until the end of the month.

What I want to know is if any of you, in calling the Spyder Hotline, or with any other dealings with the company, have been asked about snow, or anything else faling in the "weird" category.

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