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When the first Spyder hit the streets in 2007, we knew that it was just the beginning. Not only has BRP delivered a second model for 2010 with the new Spyder RT (Roadster Touring), they have upped the ante in the touring category dominated by the Gold Wing for many years. "The Can-Am Spyder RS is already a resounding market success, although, clearly, its full growth potential is only beginning to materialize," said Yves Leduc, vice-president and general manager, Can-Am division and After Sales Operations (CAS). "We are delivering the expansion of our Can-Am Spyder roadster line-up as promised at its launch in 2007 and we believe the announcement of the Spyder RT will even further accelerate the momentum experienced thus far."

Balancing out the 2010 Spyder line-up is the newly badged Spyder RS (Roadster Sport); which Spyder owners will find essentially unchanged from last year's GS model.

Touring Redefined - Spyder RT

The first 2008 Spyders were hardly broken in when many owners began customizing their rides to accommodate open road touring. Aftermarket seats, storage compartments, radios, trailer hitches, touring windshields, and a more relaxed seating position were just some of the modifications made by SpyderTalk members. BRP was either one step ahead with a touring Spyder already on the drawing board--or they were quick to recognize that introducing a touring model would be a perfect addition to the Spyder line-up. Either way, the 2010 RT is a spot-on touring machine that has potential to change the industry.

The new RT is powered by a Rotax 991 engine with Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) optimized for touring according to BRP. It features the same Vehicle Stability System (VSS) found in the original Spyder GS--but the system is now designed to accommodate an industry first trailer package offered by BRP.


SpyderTalk staffers will be putting the RT through its paces in early September--starting with a 500 mile trek from Valcourt that will test the model in its element (check back here for SpyderTalk's RT first impressions). So what can we expect when we throw a leg over the new ultra comfort saddle? Let's start with the powerplant and transmission--both of which will be familiar to Spyder owners. The new 991 mill is based on the 998cc Spyder Rotax base motor, but it has been tuned for touring performance (100HP and 80 lbs of torque ). According to Marc Lacroix, Spyder Marketing Director, "BRP has optimized the powerband on the RT by delivering higher torque at a lower RPM which is much better for highway re-acceleration. Combined with improvements to the frame to reduce vibration, it is a smooth and quiet engine package". The 991 also gets a bump in compression to 12.2:1--which does necessitate 91 octane fuel. Mated to the Rotax motor will be two familiar tranny options; the SM5 manual 5-speed and the SE5 sequential electronic 5-speed.


The first thing that jumps out when seeing the RT is the new muscular stance of the front-end. BRP succeeded in creating an aggressive upscale look in a category that is dominated by function over form. With that said, function is what the RT is all about--luxury touring function to be exact.

Features abound on the RT. Lockable storage in the front, sides, and back provide 55L of cargo space. A press of a button raises and lowers the electronic windshield which protects rider and passenger from the elements. Electronic cruise control and electronic parking brake are standard on all RT trim levels as are heated driver grips. Heated passenger grips, along with integrated AM/FM audio system with iPod integration are available on the RT with Audio and Convenience package. Stepping up to the RT-S package (available in Orbital Blue and Timeless Black) will get you remote adjustable rear suspension, 3.5mm audio input, additional rear speakers with passenger controls, fog lamps, LED accent lighting, front cargo liner and light, travel cover and special trim. BRP also partnered with Garmin to offer a cradle available as an accessory that will house a bluetooth capable Garmin Zumo 660 GPS.

BRP has created great value by packaging features in the RT Audio and Convenience and RT-S trim levels. Buyers will also be able to "build their own Spyder" by adding RT options as accessories, so if you want a base RT with the Audio package--you can get it.


RT starts at $20,999US
RT Audio and Convenience starts at $22,999US
RT-S starts at $24,999US
(SE5, add $1,500US regardless of package)

Spyder RS - S stands for Sport

The 2008 and 2009 Spyder GS probably had an identity crisis. BRP packaged the model for the Sport Touring segment with semi-aggressive seating position and untold instructions that should have read "lean over bars to carve corners". Many owners missed the memo and decided they wanted their Spyder to have a relaxed seating position, tall windshield and extra storage. With the introduction of the new RT to fill that space, the GS is rebadged to be the RS for 2010 and aimed at weekend warriors looking for a little more Sport in their ride.


The RS is relatively unchanged from its GS predecessor with the exception of two new colors that are sure to be popular. Quantum Blue is added as an option on the base trim RS and Pearl White is exclusive to the RS-S package which also gives you custom wheels, custom seat, and a rolling travel bag. BRP is again offering hard bags, higher windshields, racks, and upgraded seats as accessories for those wanting to log more miles in comfort on the RS.

Riding Reinvented

2010 is sure to be an exciting year for the Can-Am Spyder. When the first Spyder was introduced in 2007, we are sure it was greeted with some intrigue and maybe a snicker or two from the likes of Honda. Two years later, the Spyder RT likely will cause a bit more intrigue--and a lot more angst in many Japanese board rooms.

For complete specs and product details, visit

Talk about the new Spyder RT on SpyderTalk's new RT forum and check back for SpyderTalk's first impressions and complete review of the RT in September.
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