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HID Lighting

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#1 InspectorGadget


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Posted 26 August 2010 - 06:46 AM

I recently purchased and installed HID lighting on my 2010 RT-S in both the headlight and fog light positions.
After doing some research and reviewing the prices that some of the motorcycle internet sights (and spyder sights)I was discouraged. There was no way I could see paying THAT much for this mod---even if it was needed for safety and better visibility at night. Come on $500.00 for 2 sets---that's rediculous. I continurd my search and came upon some more reasonable pricing, but was uncertain about the products they were offering, as I was looking for the digital ballast so as not to create interference with the onboard computer.
Finally I did a search on Ebay and found several vendors that had just what I was looking for.
I made an offer of $42.00 to one of the vendors http://stores.ebay.com/xenonfactory with the equipment that I was looking for and they accepted. $42.00 shipped to the house, instead of $250.00 plus shipping. Now for me that was a no brainer IF the equipment was as represented.
Well I took a chance and so far they are working perfectly---so good in fact that I made an offer on a second set, and now have 2 sets for a total of $84.00 vs. $500.00. Even if they only lasted 1 year, I could buy a new set every year for 6 years and still come out ahead.
The installation was straight forward, but a little challanging, finding a place to mount the hardware, and sealing the holes in the back of the headlight covers.
I had to drill a hole in the back of the headlight cover in order to run the power cables out to the ballast. I used some wide electrical tape and some silicone to seal it up.
The HID equipment was all plug & play and everything was proviided---even some extra wires & plug adapters I didn't need.
It will take about 10 minutes to get the skins off and get the headlights out for the installatin.
Start by removing the mirrors, wind deflectors, and bonnet around the headlights.
You can remove the headlights 1 at a time by removing 4 screws from the front. Remove the headlight adjusting cable nut that will allow the headlight and cable to come out using some twisting motion and pulling forward.
Now pop the cover off of the back of the headlight and drill a hole large enough for the plug from the headlight bulb to pass through.
Install the new bulb after removing the old Halogen bulb, run the wires through the hole you just drilled, replace the cover on the back of the headlight assembly, and seal everything up to prevent water intrusion.
position the ballast and transformer in such a way on the back of the headlight assemble so the ballast is setting on top of the back cover locking finger. Use the provided double faced tape to secure its position. Use the provided zip ties to secure the wire and transformer.
Make sure everything is plugged in.
Now gently slide the assembly back in place using that twisting motion to seat it into its former postion and secrue it with the 4 bolts that you removed earlier.
Once in place start the engine to check operation. If the light does not come on you need to switch the power wires to the oposite polarity.
Use the same procedure for the other light, replace the skins, and enjoy.
If you are looking for added visibility at night or just want to be seen better in the daytime, I highly recommend this modification. You will not regret it.
If you have any questions please contact me at www.spyderrt.embarqspace.com

The headlight bulbs are the 9005(HB3) and the fog lights are the H8, both in the 6000K diamond white.

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#2 Arthur---Mexico City

Arthur---Mexico City

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Posted 08 October 2010 - 12:53 AM

I do a very little bit of night riding but I do/did need good lights on my Spyder because I was going to the Gatlinburg convention and I knew I would be night driving. I had a bad incidence of vandalism done to my Spyder when in the local Spyder shop. One of the things done was to change where my high beam headlights were pointing. One was pointing up to heaven and the other was pointing to hxll. My Spyder is an export model and has separate lights for the low beams that also had been tampered with. When I looked in the shop manual on how to adjust the lighting I found that the point the beams should be pointing at was about " in height only. This was at a ten meters, about a thirty three foot distance. The beam that shone on the wall where I was making the adjustment was about 10" in diamter and to center it on a " high spot was impossible. I emailed the factory (Carlos I think) to clarify this situation and my letter was forwarded to the Mexico importer who contacted me telling me the same information that was in the "book". Since my trip was coming up fast I solved the headlight problem myself by pointing the high beams of one of my cars, that had its headlights the same hight as my Spyder's lights have, at the 33 foot distance on the wall. I adjusted the Spyder's high beams to the same hight (spot) my car's headlight pointed to on the wall. The low beams were adjusted to just below the highest point indicated in the "book". This was all done with two people sitting on the Spyder. The results were excellent. I could see everything very well while driving at night. The low beam cut off was where it should be. What I am saying is that there is no need for installing "better" and over priced headlights on your Spyder. The OEM headlights are excellent if they are aimed correctly and what the "book" indicates is completely incorrect. Another serious problem in aiming the headlights is that there is no adjustment for the horizontal position where the headlights point.

Gatlinburg was terrific and the correctly aimed headlights made night driving possible.



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Posted 09 October 2010 - 12:26 AM

What kit did you get Inspector? I just clicked your link and many options show up. I will try this for sure! nad thank you for such a wonderful writeup...

Also.. As an FYI.. I learned from one of our vendors today (I called looking do do this very thing). They do not offer or plan to offer HID for the RT. But I was informed of some valuable info...

Warm your oven to 200f... Put the headlight into the oven, and this will break the seal after a few moments. (The headlight needs MUCH higher temps to even hurt it)... This allows the headlight to open up like a clam.. Do our duty, and put it back in the oven to soften the "Goo" once again to seal the "Goo" for the water tight seal...

Hope that helps!!! :D
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Posted 09 August 2011 - 08:17 AM

Product Update
I have had 2 bulb failures, 1 on the headlights and 1 on the fog lights. After contacting the Ebay supplier I was able to get warrantied replacements without sending the defective bulbs back. I have installed these same units on my car and had a ballast failuer, but once again the supplier came through for me with a replacement ballast in short order.
I am still extreamly pleased with the light that these HIDs throw and would not go back to stock in spite of the bulb shortcomings. C-YA RL

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#5 Cavman



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Posted 15 January 2012 - 06:26 PM

I don't own a Spyder yet. Do they come with H-4 headlight bulbs? If so, you might try
replacements from www.DDMtuning.com for their HID kits. I replaced the bulbs in my 2005 Tundra's headlights and fog lights
with their kits.

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