2011 Can-Am Spyder Line-up: A year of refinement


by SpyderTalk staffers 

Does it seem possible that we are in the fourth model year of the Can-Am Spyder? It's true! The 2011 Spyders will bring new colors, new package options for both the RT and RS models, and will showcase refinement across the entire line-up. Full 2011 Can-Am Spyder model information will be available on on September 20th, but we wanted to give SpyderTalk members a sneak peak.

2011 Spyder RT

For 2011, the Spyder RT adds some bling in terms of color and package options. The Spyder RT Limited is the new flagship package and comes exclusively in Pearl White. In addition to the exclusive coloration, the Limited package also comes with a factory installed Garmin Zumo 660 GPS, embroidered Spyder RT Limited seat, 4 semi-rigid travel bags, and a travel cover. The Spyder RT Limited is only available with SE5 semi-auto transmission and is priced at $1200 over the RT-S SE5.


Carried over from the 2010 RT line-up, Orbital Blue will still be available on the RT A&C and RT-S packages and Timeless Black will be available only with the RT-S package. Joining Pearl White as a new color for Spyder RT line-up, Pure Magnesium Metalic will be available across the entire RT line (other than Limited) and we believe it will quickly be a hot seller. Those that want to add a sporty feel to this luxury tourer can opt for the new Viper Red that is available exclusively with the RT-S package.

We love the new color options, but we are equally impressed that BRP has listened to the voice of the consumer and made some refinements to the 2011 Spyder RT. Two primary areas were addressed. First, the supersized 2010 RT windshield has been "right sized" for 2011, losing two inches from the top and sides while still providing the same level of protection. BRP has a long reputation of refining windscreens on snowmobiles and we expect this change will be a winner. In addition to the stock windshield, BRP will also make available several windshields in different sizes that can be purchased from your Spyder dealer. The 2011 RTs will also have updated wind deflectors that will provide better airflow and ventilation for the rider's legs. In addition to a cooler ride, the windshield and wind deflector changes will also provide an increase of appoximately 5% to the RT's fuel economy.

A second refinement for 2011 is an updated front suspension to reduce body roll. This welcomed improvement will be realized by recalibrated front shocks, so 2010 RT owners can upgrade as well.

Other improvements are subtle, but will be appreciated by new RT owners. The clutch lever has been adjusted 10MM closer to the bar for easier pull and a light has been added to the passenger heated grips to indicate high, low and off. For trailer fans, the new RT-622 will have an improved lid that will help with water dripping (2010 RT-622 trailer owners will recieve a letter indicating they can have this fix applied to their trailer as well).

Modest price increases of $400 per model will be seen throughout the RT line-up for 2011, still leaving the RT attractively priced compared to the competition--if there is competition. Production for 2011 Spyder RTs will begin in November for some models and in the Spring 2011 for the Spyder RT Limited.

2011 Spyder RS

Following the same pattern as the Spyder RT, the 2011 RS line-up delivers added colors, a new RS-S package and refinements in several areas. The 2011 base RS will be come with color matching side panels for the first time from the factory and be available in Pure Magnesium Metallic and Pearl White (SE5 only). The new RS-S package spices things up a bit with two-tone Orange Metallic/Matte Black or Pure Magnesium Metallic/Steel Black Metallic paint combinations. The RS-S also adds a painted front spoiler, painted A-arm covers, black double-spoke front wheels, carbon-black aluminum parts, RS-S graphics and a stitched seat.

A big change to all 2011 RS models is the addition of the anti-vibration system borrowed from the Spyder RT. New RS machines will have an additional linkage rod and improved rubber mounts that will provide reduced vibration in the handlebars and footpegs to improve the rider experience. Also added on all 2011 RS models is an easy opening front storage compartment--basicially a spring assisted latch that allows for one hand opening of the front storage compartment both while the motor is running and shut off.  Pricing for the 2011 remains the same as 2010 for the base RS and the RS-S will cost you $1200 additional in the US and $200 additional in Canada.

With the Spyder only being in its fourth model year and with the big splash of the Spyder RT last year, 2011 is a year of refinement across the Spyder model lines and added color and package options. All in all, BRP has delivered some nice new options for Spyder buyers and they continue to incorporate improvements. Stop in at our general forum to let us know what you think about the 2011 Spyders--we like that BRP is making improvements based in part on input from our community and hope you will continue to provide valuable feedback directly from the Spyder ryder.