SpyderTalk.com RT-S stumbles upon Balloon Festival


One of the reasons I love riding Spyders is because they give you an excuse to escape everyday reality. My wife Barb and I recently celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary and decided that a night out was in order. If we were jumping in the SUV, I likely would have sought out a nice restaurant with good food--that was close by. Enter the Can-Am Spyder RT-S into the equation and the goal was to find a nice restaurant with good food that was at least an hour's ride through the countryside.

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With the kids occupied for the evening, we headed south from suburban Rochester to a quaint Inn near Letchworth State Park. I knew the direct route to the little town of Piffard, NY, but on this day we meandered our way through farm country that we had never traveled before. No GPS, no map, but we got there just fine as they were opening up for the Saturday night crowd.

After a great meal, we overheard some folks talking about a Hot Air Balloon Launch that was taking place over the gorge in the park later that evening--we immediately knew where our after-dinner ride would take us and we even skipped coffee and dessert to get there on time.

Driving through Letchworth State Park is a treat regardless of your destination, but this 14 mile ride from the north end of the park to the launch site was particularly fun on the Can-Am Spyder RT-S. We arrived at the Archery Field where balloons were laid out on the grass. Cars lined the road for about 1/2 mile and people were sitting on blankets and in folding chairs waiting for the balloons to fill the sky.

We found a spot to tuck our Can-Am Spyder RT-S in close to a couple balloons that were being prepped for take-off. Once parked, the RT functioned as a lawn chair for Barb--and a magnet for people walking by. It probably took an hour for all the balloons to take flight and at least 10 people walked up and asked about our Can-Am Spyder.

So, the food was great and I always enjoy an evening out with my wife--but the Can-Am Spyder RT-S turned a nice dinner into a super fun experience. That's one of the great things about the Spyder, it gives you an excuse to "get out there" and experience things you likely would have missed in an SUV.

Enjoy the pictures below and visit www.SpyderTalk.com for more shots from Letchworth State Park and the Balloon Launch.