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SpyderTalk.com is owned and operated by DOOTalk, LLC and is designed for Can-Am enthusiasts to share information and communicate with each other. Our goal is to provide the best all Can-Am discussion forums on the web as well as provide many other features to SpyderTalk members free of charge. DOOTalk, LLC is an independent entity and is not owned or operated by Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP, Inc).

Forum Rules
The purpose of the SpyderTalk.com forums is to talk about Can-Am Spyders, riding them, tuning them, fixing them, racing them, and even selling them. This is not to say that all posts have to be strictly related to Can-Am tech talk, but discussing Can-Am Spyders and the sport in general is the main intent for the forums.

  • Posts that are "bashing" or "flaming" in any nature will not be tolerated. We encourage members to express their opinions on the subjects being discussed, and by no means is it an expectation that everybody will agree on all subjects. But, posts that are obvious attacks on other people, brands, or are a blatant attempt to stir controversy will be deleted.
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  • Members violating these rules will be removed from the site.

The moderators at SpyderTalk.com will do their best to fairly enforce these rules. If you encounter posts violating these rules, we encourage you to inform the moderators so that the posts can be deleted. If you have an issue with an action performed by the moderators, please attempt to resolve it via Private Messages or E-mail as opposed to dealing with it in the forums. We have tried to be clear on what is acceptable content so that members are aware of the expectations.